(greek. ἀποκάλυψις)

New orthogonal geophysical structure shifted 15° relatively to the current one.

New grid, that will arise in 2014 after the 15° shift of current North pole, is a projection of II Fractal Base on the surface of planet, analogous to the Absolute grid with a 7,5° shift relatively to the Absolute pole.

Points of the new grid:

  • X0* - Point of the “new” North pole.
  • X1* - Point of the “new” South pole. Jointly with X0* represents the “X”-axis of the orthogonal system – axis of rotation of the planet.
  • Y0* - Point of ”Y”-axis on the surface of the – the border of Brazil and Bolivia.
  • Y1* - Opposite point of the ”Y”-axis, the Philippines, South-east Asia. Jointly with Y0* orientates the “Y”-axis.
  • Z0, Z1 – Points of ”Z”-axis on the surface of the planet. Jointly orientate the “Z”-axis.
  • - points «R√2», conversion diagonal of the II Fractal Base (areas of standard spin synthesis).
  • - points «R√3», big diagonals of the II Fractal Base (areas of perception of opposite spin energy-informational potential).

The main deployment of geophysical fields is happening along the XY-plane. The most pronounced “shifts” of planet’s physical mass are expected precisely in this area.

X0* - "New "North pole. X1* - «New» South pole.
Y0* - South America. Y1* - Philippines.
Z0 - Africa. Z1 - the Pacific Ocean.