(greek. ἀποκάλυψις)

The portal is a contemporary decoding of the most famous and mysterious prophecy of all times – Revelation to St. John the Evangelist also known as the Apocalypse written on Patmos Island in the late 1st century A.D. The proposed diagram is the chronology of events unfolded linearly.

The structural framework of the narrative is very extraordinary. It is four seven-level conceptual category complexes as if embedded one into another – connected to one another and to the last level. Mind that as early as in the first chapter it says, 'I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending'…

Then the architecture of the structural arrangement is defined – 'seven stars', 'seven candlesticks', 'seven churches', 'seven angels' etc. Thus, the septonary composition of the Apocalypse becomes the bearing basis of all subsequent events that form four stages (areas), each comprised of seven levels. The appearance of 'he who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks' and 'new Jerusalem' – phase (0) – is the beginning and the ending of the process.

Between those stages there are minor digressions to the past and the future typical of the following period. Essentially, the 'Address to the seven churches' is the building of program-dependent result. Seven algorithms – seven results.

Stage 1, the basic one, is the 'address to the seven churches' with a short 'resume' on what the 'Prevailing One' gets from going through each of the churches symbolizing a corresponding level of program-dependent actions and the expected result.

The 'Prevailing' Lamb takes the book 'sealed with seven seals' 'out of the right hand of him that sitteth upon the throne'.  Most characteristic is the description of the 'throne' of 'him that sitteth' and the items around him – the seven candlesticks, the rainbow (spectrogram), the four beasts with six wings and the four and twenty elders with crowns of gold on their heads. Each elder symbolizes a basic quantization step corresponding to 15о, a package of fundamental cyclic modulations closed into a ring-shaped module. The 'Prevailing' Lamb also has 'seven horns' symbolizing a cycle of seven moons – seven days and seven months – thus the primary wave cycle is defined.

As is well known, when writing Revelation, St. John was on Patmos Island – point 0 (phase), and consecutive movement through the 'seven churches' and back makes up 15 steps. Patmos Island – St. John – the beginning and the ending of interactions. Thus, the 'Prevailing One's' cycle holds 0 (phase), seven steps on the spectrogram 'deep down' and back 'along the periphery' to 0 (phase) - that adds up to 15 days. If one spiral turn of the Earth around the Sun (360о) is taken for 360 days without the five-day precession 'tail' and divided into 24 (the number of the 'elders'), we will have 15 days – the structural quantization step of all subsequent cycles. Thus, the 'Prevailing One's' cycle is 15 days. To find the duration of the following 'loosing-the-seals' cycle, 1 (15 days) is multiplied by 7 = 105 days (or 15 seven-day cycles). So, we have the first derivative – 105 days.

Stage 2 of 'loosing the seals' is the installation of the program potential of the 'book' into the genetic structure of the 'Prevailing' Lamb and its transformation.

Stage 3 – the angels with trumpets – is the immediate process synthesis for the restructuring of the planet's geophysical space, which ends in the rotation axis shift of 15о and the corresponding 'control field' fixation.

Stage 4 – the 'sores' – is socialization of the introduced changes. It is the most outstanding and complicated period.

Thus, the four stages are:

1 – δ – program-dependent function;

2 – γ – activation of programs governing the synthesis;

3 – β – immediate result synthesis;

4 – α – fixation of resulting modifications.

Consequently, there appears the following radially unfolding 'cascade' of wave cyclicities:

0 (phase) – the appearance of 'he who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks';

1 – the 'address to the seven churches' – the Δ-zone – program potential adaptation through the 'Prevailing One's' genetic structure (a derivative of the 'White Horse' projection). 15x7=105 days.

2 – 'loosing the seals' – the γ-zone – activation and adaptation of the algorithms governing the modernization and restructuring process through the 'Prevailing One' (a derivative of the 'Sorrel Horse' projection). 630 + 105 days (105х7).

3 – angels with trumpets – β-zone – the synthesis (correction) of the planet's geophysical structure (a derivative of the 'Black Horse' projection). 1260 + 210 days (210х7).

4 – 'sores' – α-zone – fixation of the obtained result in social environment (a derivative of the 'Pale Horse' projection ). 1890 + 315 days (315х7).

In turn, the program deployment within those stages is strictly linear – 15 – 105 – 210 – 315 – 630 – 1260 days. The result is a corresponding fractal assembly. According to the coordination scheme 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1, we have:

0 – 15 105 days 210 days 315 days 630 days 1260 days 2520 days

(15х7) (15х14) (15х21) (15х42) (15х84) (15х168)

(105х2) (105х3) (105х6) (105х12) (105х24)

(210х3) (210х6) (210х12)

(315х2) (315х4) (315х8)

(630х2) (630х4)

As is known, the number of 'seals' is seven. The Lamb 'looses' them one by one every 105 days. The last, seventh seal is the beginning of a new cycle – 'Angels with trumpets' lasting for 7x210 days. The 'sixth seal' determines the 630-day cycle – the half-wave of the 1260-day cycle and the wave for the 315-day 'Angels with sores' cycle. Thus, 'loosing the seals' forms the entire subsequent scale of cyclically deployed program-dependent interactions that indisputably are electromagnetic, wave in nature. However, only the first four 'seals' bring about the appearance of the four 'horsemen of the Apocalypse' and characterize four main stages of general system restructuring:

 1 – 'White Horse' – adapts the δ program potential of 'he that sitteth on the throne' to the current conditions in 630 days.

2 – 'Sorrel Horse' – activation of program-dependent potential (law) in the planet's geophysical environment – 630 days ('Angels with trumpets' 1-3).

3 – 'Black Horse' – synthesis of the planet's new geophysical structure – 630 days ('Angels with trumpets' 3-6).

4 – 'Pale Horse' – fixation of the planet's new geophysical structure ('control field') and projection onto social environment processes – 630 days ('Angel with a trumpet' 7 and 'Angels with sores' 1-2).

These four standard stages – adaptation, activation, synthesis, fixation – are present always and everywhere in processes of non-elementary corrective actions in the area of hypercluster constructions of any type, from a galaxy to a human.

The general period of direct World restructuring process from 'loosing of the first seal' on July 10, 2009 lasts for 14 years (7560 days) or 42 months (1260 days) times 6.

Thus, there are a number of cyclically manifested temporal parameters ensuring a graphically unfolded chronology of the events described by St. John, where it is easy to see a fractally developing regularity. The 15-day cycle lets a trainee to become the 'Prevailing One' if they build their own structure – a field superposition of a regular counter-exchange life-support system by way of a self-affine hypersphere satisfying the following condition:

Xn+Yn+Zn+…+Nn = 0.

However, this rather complex transformation has to be performed by only one of seven billion inhabitants of the Earth and at a precise moment of time. Not a moment later!

One absolutely must get into the corresponding cyclically unfolded process. Otherwise the Apophis asteroid – a cold-blooded terminator – will wipe the civilization off the planet surface in 2029. The 'Prevailing One' has to trigger the geophysical restructuring process exactly on time, the process that reduces the precession of the Earth rotation axis from 22.5о to 7.5о thus 'moving' the planet to a 'lower' orbit with a complete revolution of 361 instead of 365 days. In that case the trajectory of Apophis will be 'behind and below' the orbit of the Earth. Playing the role of the 'garbage man', it will 'take' the planet's 'karmic tail' made up of a vast quantity of unconstructive program 'debris' discharged into the background space.

But the point of what St. John says is that the 'Prevailing' Lamb 'has redeemed us to God by his blood'… It should be remembered that the notion of blood since the dawn of time was related to the notion of genotype – 'and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb'… It would be absurd to interpret this phrase as an allusion to human sacrifice followed by 'washing' of citizens' 'dirty robes' in blood. It is the genetic modification of the World's genome that the 'Prevailing One' can trigger – that is what St. John is speaking about in Ch. 7, the loosing of the 'sixth seal'.

Naturally, at first by loosing the 'seals', the 'Prevailing One' installs the program potential into himself thus causing corresponding genetic modifications, adapting and agreeing them with the standard genome. He is the primary adaptor that is so necessary to the people of the planet Earth of the new genetic matrix.

The result of loosing every 'seal' both for the 'Prevailing' Lamb and in the images of the 'angels with trumpets' is detailed in the 'Address to the seven churches'. And in 105 days (15x7), after loosing and adapting the 'sixth seal', according to 'him who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks', the Lamb becomes 'a pillar in the temple of my God', the readymade genetic matrix is laid on 'the foreheads of slaves of our Lord', i.e. 144,000 second-level adaptors. Then, after the 'sixth Angel's trumpet' they, along with the 'Prevailing One', loose the 'sixth seal' and become the basis of the next and most complex socialization stage of new world order principles for 1260 days:

1.And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty
and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads.

2.And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder:
and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:

3.And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders:
and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.

 (Ch. 14)

Then, the 'Angels with trumpets' cycle is the immediate activation of unfolded programs of genetic, geophysical, and social world reconstruction adapted by the Lamb. Then, the 'Angels with sores' personify the process of strictly social political reformation lasting for as long as 6 x 315 = 1260 days (wave) + 630 (half-wave) = 1890 days.

By St. John, the events of the past, the present and the future are enclosed into a single unit, where every character or process carries all three temporal positions. All of them have a discernible past even though they are in the present, and each of them has a future predetermined by imbedded program-dependent tendencies that are in one way or another corrected or maintained by the present and that give rise to certain changes. The world lives in these three inseparably linked categories all the time. But unaware of its past and not seeing its future, mankind thinks that it chooses its present and makes its future itself. It does nothing of the kind. Of course, within the main system structural discrete value, the civilization has some possibilities but to radically change the future one has to overcome the inertia of the negative past and cross over to the new area of a modified present. It turns out that this 'simple' step requires a multitude of very specific stage-by-stage minutely detailed actions. And no matter how well they are formed, a fragmentary inertial projection of the dark past will nonetheless occur during implementation.

Why is all of the above so strangely connected? In the Apocalypse area the past, the present and the future have come near the moment when only one phase center will remain in the ring of cyclically unfolded interactions, the beginning and the ending of the 'all-temporal' period of world rearrangement. There is a reason for 'one like the Son of man' to say, 'I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending', thus emphasizing temporal multidimensionality of proposed conceptual categories – 'I am the beginning and the ending of all things'. In the Apocalypse the Time Hoop closed again confirming that evolvement of any process beginning in this point of space and time ends in the same point as well, determining only one global wave period beginning and ending in the same phase center of this strand of the galaxy.

In Revelation Time is unified. What message is conveyed in the image of 'a Lamb as it had been slain', i.e. that sacrifices itself? Of course, 'he that sitteth', like the entire Soular Conglomeration, is the Lamb; and the Savior who 'was put to death on a cross' is without a doubt the Lamb; and the 'Prevailing One' is the Lamb. This notion brings together several conceptual categories. The Soular supercivilization sacrificing itself is the Lamb. Jesus of Nazareth sacrifices himself for future salvation of mankind – he is also the Lamb. The 'Prevailing' Lamb is also 'slain from the foundation of the world'. A supertemporal connection is thus formed: the past and the present, and the future (from St. John's point of view, which is 2000 years ago, the future is the current moment) – Time has stopped!

'And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals'. Initially the 'book' lies 'in the lap' of 'him that sitteth on the throne' in the center of the infinite Universe. And it 'described' the fundamental possibility to change the genetically fixed evolution algorithm preventing the fall into abyss of random entanglement and disintegration of creative aspirations, preventing death. Here the entire Soular supercivilization is the Lamb. Yes, it sacrificed itself, it was 'slain', a whole civilization got 'trapped' in spiral-helix 'doom'. But at the same time it has 'the first and the last' chance to 'overcome' and 'approach' 'him that sitteth' who is at a higher – the sixth – evolutional level. Over 400 thousand years ago the Supreme Soular Hierarch 'that sitteth on the throne' along with his multibillion Conglomeration managed to 'take' that book and 'loose the seals thereof'. And what came of it? Unfortunately, the past – majestic and merciless – is perpetually pursuing the present and like a 'red dragon' tries to 'devour' the future, fair and beautiful but so distant and inaccessible.

Anyway, here comes today. And the 'book' acquired by means of an incredible effort 435,000 years ago is already 'lying in the lap' of the Soular System Hierarch. One of the seven billion living was bound to open it. For the 'book' ought to be 'opened' and 'lie in the lap' of every living human being, and everyone should have their own book, individually adapted. But first is has to be opened; 'loosing' of the so called 'seals', and, essentially, the step-by-step installation of its program-dependent potential is the opening of the 'book'. Every person can and should get it. Of course, someone out of naiveté will refuse it because their personal creative aspiration is inadequate, and they cannot accept even the most constructive development programs from the hands of 'him that sitteth'. However, even for that person there is an individual copy, no matter whether 'opened' or not – 'to be or not to be'. It is that person's choice. Others will receive the precious gift but still go on contrasting their greedy selfishness with the objective reality of expanding changes. But the 'book' 'opened' by generations of 'Prevailing' Lambs 'slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held' is projected onto everyone. Essentially, every 'letter' or 'phrase' has a multidimensional counter-projection and performs correction of the past, the present and the future in different aspects of civilization's life building a new, beautiful future for the world.

And if after the Great Catastrophe the hypertotalitarian Alternate Empire gave the world such an adherent as Talyuta, the 'chief ideologist' of the alternative philosophy of 'megacynical' 'evolution' that created a whole cruel and aggressive era, then it had to have projections in the XX c. – Lenin, Hitler etc. The aggressive impulse formed at a certain time point penetrates the social structure of the world and moves on to the future manifesting itself in cyclically coordinated reactions of pain and violence – '…saw a beast rise up
out of the sea'.

In the result, the so called 'loosing of the seals' happens permanently. The highlighted 'keywords' will help understand the hidden sense of what is happening. The Lamb looses the 'seals' installing the conceptual content of the 'book' into himself. But after the 'seventh Angel sounds' his trumpet every inhabitant of the planet Earth will have to loose them themselves. Do they have an opportunity to use the sacred experience of their ancestors? Yes, of course. But it is uncertain whether the civilization will use it. Everyone gets the necessary 'software'. There is a reason for the Savior to say, 'In my father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, , I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you'. There are enough 'seals of the living God' and 'books' for everybody.  And even if there were not, the 'Prevailing' Lamb and 144,000 'redeemed from the earth' would and will make sure there is enough for everybody'. But will the 'residents' accept the priceless gift paid for by billions of lives, how will they attempt 'opening' it, and the main question is, what for? For arrogant self-assertion and obtaining meaningless extravagant preferences? An individual, their aspirations and motivation, as always and everywhere, remain the predominant factor. Certainly, adequacy of actions will first of all depend on the person's system of values, if they have any at all. Again, the past, the present, and the future of the world set in an individual context depending on which all subsequent metamorphoses occur, are just about to collapse on the heads of earth dwellers. Confucius may be right saying, 'God save us from being born in the age of change!' But does that apply to the 'Prevailing Ones'? Of course not.

Perhaps, Revelation to St. John the Evangelist must not only be recognized but also felt and viewed as a multi-level conceptual construction virtually deployed from the past for full-fledged restructuring of the world with many 'nano-structural' nuances. Every time submerging into it you learn something new. It is astounding how a man – St. John – could take in all that information! Revelation has a vast amount of conceptual categories – an infinite amount! Perhaps, that is why the Savior said about John the Apostle, 'This is my favorite disciple, the best one'. Of course, all his life he was preparing to 'see' the 'Revelation', the 'book sealed with seven seals' similar to the one 'in the right hand of him that sitteth on the throne' and no one could 'open' it for the next 2000 years. Naturally, there is no 'opening' it without knowing the fundamental laws of Space and Time evolution. However now, in this period, when several of the 'seals' have already been loosed and the magnificent and mysterious past emerges from the depth of millennia persistently manifesting itself in day-to-day reality and modeling an unambiguous future, let us try again to submerge into the shadowy world of the Apocalypse, 'loose the seals' to disclose the Divine Revelation to St. John the Evangelist, one of the Savior's twelve apostles who left to us, his descendants, his fatherly admonition on 'what is to happen' in the upcoming moment of large-scale rearrangement of the world that began in the genome nano-stricture – there is a reason to say, 'the smaller the point, the larger the Universe it contains!'.

1.And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

2.I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.